The Human Service Industry’s Premier Insurance Solution

An Alternative Risk Solution for the Human Services Industry

Maintaining financial stability in the Human Services field has become increasingly difficult. This is particularly important in today's economic environment, when every dollar in your organization's budget must be carefully controlled. Lowering expenses frees up resources that are best put to use in support of your organization's mission. The challenge is to realize savings in insurance costs that reach corporate bottom lines. TCA provides a focus on risk management practices, along with alternative risk financing options, which could ensure an agency's financial stability. With every dollar more important than ever, it's critical to look to new and innovative ways to help your organization save money.

The Captive Advantage

The Captive Advantage (TCA) helps human services agencies improve risk management practices and can significantly lower their insurance costs.

Boston College examines TCA as a social innovation

The Question

An interesting question came up when Robert Vermes and Jeff Fox visited a Human Services organization in Yonkers, NY...

The CFO at this specific agency asked what the three main reasons are for organizations to join TCA... 

The answer from some of our members was as follows:

    • "Potential for retaining some of loss experience savings reducing overall insurance cost on select coverage items over time
    • Member and plan leadership knowledge base and experience in risk assessment and management
    • Information sharing with like kind members on insurance and potentially other business ventures that effect not for profit enterprises"

    David G. Simmons, CPA, Chief Financial Officer, Wayside Youth & Family Support Network

  • "We made the change in order to realize (the potential for) significant savings. Subsequently, though we are new to the fold, we are pleased thus far with the value added by Bob, TD Insurance, and the other members of the group."

    Bruce J. Barshefsky, MBA, MSW, Vice President for Administration and Finance, ServiceNet Inc.

  • "Initially it was to be able to financially benefit from our low loss experience but in a manner that would protect us from any significant losses. Since we joined I have come to value Bob's expertise and personal involvement in our individual claims and the shared experiences and knowledge of the member group."

    Kerry Horgos, CFO, Bay Cove Human Services